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Experts in Lime

Calidra es cal certificada de alta pureza

At Grupo Calidra we have dedicated more than a hundred years to improve and develop the uses of lime. We have presence in different industries, being widely useful in each of them, working hand to hand with experts who improve the quality of our products every day, demonstrating that lime is Always There.

The lime is where you least imagine it would be, and Calidra Always There

Our brands

At Grupo Calidra we produce the best specialized lime product brands in the market, with high purity, and with the best quality.

Calidra lime benefits

Beneficios de los productos Calidra

Versatility in the processes

Beneficios de los productos Calidra

Reduction in waste generation

Beneficios de los productos Calidra

Greater performance and reduced usage compared to other limes.

We invite you to get to know all of our brands

Marcas de cal Calidra, las mejores marcas de productos de cal especializados.

All Grupo Calidra brands are produced under strict quality standards, they guarantee the materials’ purity, and have different certifications depending on their use.

Calidra inside different industries

The Calidra products are used in construction and in different industries. The versatility that the lime has, being a 100% natural limestone product, has allowed Grupo Calidra develop specific products for each of industries we supply for, providing incredible benefits that promote economic savings, and high quality results.

The Calidra products are also useful for:

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