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Desinfección de alimentos
Desinfectar frutas y verduras con cal
Disinfection of fruits and vegetables

For every liter of clean water, add a tablespoon of Calidra hydrated lime.

Soak fruits and vegetables for 15 minutes so that they are completely disinfected.

Drain and store them in the refrigerator.

Cal hidratada para eliminar hongos y parásitos
Elimination of parasites in plants

Dissolve 50 grams (10 tablespoons) of Calidra hydrated lime and 5 grams (2 tablespoons) of low foam detergent in 10 liters of clean water.

Apply with a manual sprayer directly to the foliage of plants or trees.

Cal hidratada para eliminar hongos y parásitos
Elimination of foot fungus

Dissolve 50 grams (10 tablespoons) of Calidra hydrated lime and 5 grams (2 tablespoons) of low foam detergent in 10 liters of clean water.

Soak them in the previous mixture for 10 minutes for 7 days. To keep them clean and mold-free, mix 1 tablespoon of Calidra hydrated lime in a bottle of foot powder and use frequently.

Resanar paredes con cal
Wall filler

· Mix three volumes of sand with one of Calidra hydrated lime.

· Add the necessary water to obtain a paste.

· Pre-wet the fissure or crack and apply.

· Let it dry and wet it with clean water 3 times a day for the next two days.

Eliminar malos olores
Eliminates bad odors

· Apply Calidra hydrated lime directly into the garbage, drains, toilets, cat sandboxes, or dead animals.

· You can also use it inside the refrigerator: empty some Calidra hydrated lime in an open container and place it on the door.

Veneno para cucarachas
Cockroach poison with lime


·  60 g de Calidra hydrated lime (1/2 cup)

· 14 cup Borax

· 240 g of sugar (1 cup)

· 140 g of nixtamal flour (3⁄4 de cup)

· 1 jar or plastic bag


In the jar or plastic bag, mix all the ingredients until you achieve a uniform colored powder.


· Non-toxic to humans and pets.

· Economical and effective.


It should be sprinkled in the place where the cockroaches pass, since the poison is ingested when cleaning their legs.



· 19 L plastic bucket

· 2.5 kg of Calidra hydrated lime (5 L)

· 2 pewter pots

· 12 bar of yellow soap (200 g)

· 2 pewter spoons

· 50 g of alum stone

· 1 used broom or ixtle brush


1. Dissolve soap and alum separately in boiling water.

2. In the bucket, add 10 liters of clean water and then, Calidra hydrated lime.

3. Shake until you obtain a slurry of lime.

4. Add the dissolved alum and stir for a moment.

5. Next, pour out the hot soap solution, shaking vigorously.

6. Finally, fill with clean water until the 19 liter bucket is full.


· Thermal (the plate is not heated)

· Hydrophobic (repels water)


· At the time of application, the roof must be clean, free of dust, splashes, or petroleum products.

· Can be applied on wet surfaces.

Pintar con cal
Vinyl paint made with lime

Material to obtain 19 liters of paint

· 19 L plastic bucket

· 2 liters of vinyl paint (color of your choice) 14 liter of vinyl sealant

· 3 kg of Calidra hydrated lime (6 liters)

· Approximately 15 liters of water


1. Slowly add the Calidra hydrated lime to 12 bucket of water, stir constantly until you obtain a paste.

2. While stirring, add the paint.

3. Subsequently, add the sealant, stirring until the mixture is perfectly uniform.

4. Fill the bucket with clean water up to 19 liters.

Coating capacity

Depending on the wall finish, this paint can cover 60 m2 with two coats.


· Paint with very light layers and apply the second coat until the first has dried very well.

· When the surface to be painted is new, it is recommended to apply a lime paste as a seal. You can prepare it with 3 kg of Calidra hydrated lime (6 liters), and 14 liter of vinyl sealant for 19 liters of water.


The wall to be painted must be clean of dust or grease; If it has previous paint, it should be well scraped.

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