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In the infrastructure area, lime plays a crucial role in soil stabilization. This chemical process involves the interaction between clay minerals present in the soil and calcium, which reduces plasticity and increases resistance thanks to pozzolanic reactions.

Stabilizing soil with lime allows to take advantage of the existing soil at the construction site, thus reducing the need to haul materials from loan banks. It is a sustainable alternative by optimizing local resources.

When stabilizing a soil with calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide more efficient and profitable projects are achieved. Since taking advantage of local resources costs are reduced, which translates into a smarter investment for your infrastructure project: whether it is streets, roads, industrial platforms, housing platforms, etc.

Estabilical helps Mexico's road infrastructure


Grupo Calidra has developed Estabilical Oxide, and Estabilical Hydroxide, which are specialized products for the stabilization of unsuitable soils, to convert them into quality surfaces; allowing the permanent compaction of clays and soils with a high degree of expansion, forming a natural cementitious mixture, which helps to obtain an increase in its resistance and support capacity, as well as a decrease in sensitivity to water and volumetric changes

Process of using Estabilical
Soil stabilization for homes with Estabilical


It is used to stabilize dirt roads, subbases, and bases in different infrastructure works such as:

Highways, drives, and main and secondary roads.

Construction of platforms, roads, and parking lots in industrial and housing developments.

Canals, water pots, and bring out crops lanes.

Railroad track.

Airport service roads.

Platforms and service roads in ports.


It dries soil saturated with moisture, allowing it to be workable.

It chemically stabilizes clays, converting them into stable compounds and permanently changing their mechanical properties.

Increases load capacity.

Solve plasticity problems.

Cost-benefit relationship: it reduces costs and construction delays; it being ecological, makes it unnecessary to transport other bench materials.

Impermeability: stabilized soil has low permeability property.

Foamed Asphalt Pavement Recycling

Calidra Infrastructure

Calidra Infrastructure is formed by a group of specialists in the field of soil stabilization, who have the experience to provide solutions in the improvement and stabilization of soils, increasing the useful life of asphalt mixtures and pavement recovery and conservation techniques.

We offer our clients and business partners the solutions they need with the same confidence as always to help them develop projects never seen before.

Calidra infrastructure, the ally in your projects

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Calidra en la Infraestructura

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Our project department applies its knowledge and experience in the design of innovative proposals that adapt to the economic conditions of our clients.

We have a wide network of experts in construction, duly trained with experience, knowledge, and equipment to carry out your work.

Calidra products used in infrastructure

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