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Because we want to be Always There, at Grupo Calidra we are interested in hiring talented people like you, with a human sense, passionate about providing knowledge to improve their work and personal environment, as well as the quality of life of people and their families; who contribute on generating a better future for the communities and Planet Earth.

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Grupo Calidra is focused on the professional training of their employees, and the development of their skills, such as their performance, and continuous job training. For us, the development of employees is very important, it is the way to continue renewing ourselves, and improve our performance.

Find out about our available vacancies so that your career development begins to grow together with us, together with the Grupo Calidra.

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Our Philosophy

We are ruled by integrity, ethics, and honesty in every aspect of the company. In addition, we believe in constant renewal, discipline and responsibility for our commitments; characteristics that are present in all our collaborators.

Mission and vision

Mission: To be a globally competitive and sustainable company that allows us to satisfy the needs, and reasonable expectations of our clients, staff, shareholders, and society in the best way possible.

Vision: To be the most competitive company in the world, and the largest in the American Continent in the production of lime, ready to use mixes, and carbonates.


Calidra en la Infraestructura

Integrity and honesty

Calidra en la Infraestructura


Calidra en la Infraestructura


Calidra en la Infraestructura


Calidra en la Infraestructura

Austerity, humbleness, and moderation

Developing professionally with Grupo Calidra

Discover the development opportunities we have at Grupo Calidra.

Developing with Calidra is the pillar that allows you to grow based on the future needs of your position and the organization. Maximize the potential of your innate strengths and acquired new abilities.

Training Calidra is a specific training plan, based on the proficiency model Calidra, which allows you to perform better in your position through professional and personal training.

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