Lime in the Building Industry

Cal y mezclas listas para la construcción

Since ancient times, hydrated lime has been a highly durable and low-cost construction material, with many technical advantages. Calidra’s construction lime is used in the preparation of masonry mixtures for foundations, wall construction, for gluing masonry, coatings, durable and thermal quality finishes, paints, waterproofing, and many more applications.

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Lime participates in the different stages of construction such as:


It is important to ensure that the land on which you are going to build has the necessary load capacity to receive the structure. The drying, improvement and stabilization of clay soils with calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide increase the resistance and load capacity, as well as a decrease in water absorption and volume changes.

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All construction must be supported by an appropriate foundation that satisfies the safety and operating measures, this can be made of concrete previously made with construction lime. This is because the addition of hydrated lime to concrete provides multiple benefits in its behavior and handling, such as greater fluidity, protection of the reinforcing steel by forming an anticorrosive layer, as well as impermeability and cost reduction.



There are dividing walls, load-bearing walls, mixed walls that fulfill both functions, and retaining walls. Calidra lime can be used in all structural elements to make the mixture, which helps to obtain greater adhesion of pieces, less cracking, better workability of the mixture and more waterproof joints.

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All protective or finishing materials are called flattened or covering, with which the external and internal surfaces of any vertical element in a construction are covered. These might be:

Repasted with a mixture of cement- hydrated lime-sand.

Fine flattening with a mixture of hydrated lime-sand.

Flattened with cement mix-hydrated lime-marble powder.

Due to their ability to accept mineral or organic components in their formulations, Calidra lime coverings are widely used when you want to avoid saltpeter problems and want to have a long durability. Furthermore, from the point of view of appearance, permanence, proven durability, fire protection, cleanliness, health, economy and low maintenance cost, nothing beats those that are flattened or plastered with lime.

Wall tiles and floor coverings

Tile coverings are mainly used on bathroom and kitchen walls, as they provide impermeability and resistance to wear and tear to the wall.

The use Calidra lime in the adhesive mixture and in the joints provides benefits such as greater adhesion, better workability, less waste, consolidates the bond of the mortar with the piece, fewer cracks, more impermeable joints, facilitates penetration, avoiding gaps.

Calidra como aditivo en la fabricación de block
Mezclas listas para la construcción

We offer solutions for your construction

MEZCLA BRAVA are ready-to-build mixtures, just add water, mix, and it’s ready to use.

Through Innovation, we have developed products with the highest quality for each step of your construction process. You can FILL, RAISE WALLS, COVER and PASTE with our Micro concretes, Joints, Stuccos and Adhesives.

MEZCLA BRAVA es parte de la gran familia de GRUPO CALIDRA, la empresa con mayor tradición en la industria de la construcción y orgullosamente mexicanos.

Practical Guide for Construction

Guia de constructor

This construction guide represents the interest of Calidra in providing a technical reference of the construction procedures to follow, mainly in minor construction. We have created it to expand your basic knowledge, describing the materials to use, indicated proportions and instructions, as well as some recommendations to obtain better results.

The construction process is extensive, so this guide only addresses basic concepts of a conventional project. Considering the importance of construction practice, each of the activities to be carried out in the construction process is described and the use of LIME in the points that allow it, since there is no substitute material for lime that provides as many benefits at such an affordable price.

Calidra, the best lime for the Construction industry

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